Thursday, April 17, 2008

my romance thriller story 'bloody rose'

Balqis, a daughter of rich couples from southern state in Malaysia Peninsular whom her parents already died lives with her beauty – preserved stepmother called Datin Sarah, an annoying, sexy stepsister called Faye, an arrogant, selfish stepbrother called Adam and Mirul, their eldest stepbrother who is helping his mother, Datin Sarah in managing their family resort business, but currently away in Spain; a young man who loves to travel and self – independent, quiet stern but a caring brother too.

The story started when Balqis, a 20 years old girl accidentally fall in love at the first sight with a guy who met her at the private animal clinic, and sent her home, as her antic Volkswageb red car was broken down; named Falique who is tall, dark and handsome, and kind of fairy tales prince charming dreamed by every girls. Balqis then find out that Falique is actually her beloved aunt’s friend’s son. One fine day, Falique go to Balqis’s house to fetch her as he promised earlier that he would drive Balqis to her favourite hangout place, which is Galeri Seni. As they arrive at Galeri Seni, crowds coming in and Falique go to toilet

As he away, Balqis wander around the art gallery and interestedly study each and every painting there, when suddenly she hears a tune, some kinds of music which seems to be familiar with her ears, her all time favorite love song of her and late Emmanuell Eusoff, which composed by himself. Terrified, as her heart beat faster, she bravely go and search for the room where does the sweet piano sound comes from, until she find a big room which filled by crowds of audiences who are also captivated by the heart melting melody, played by a mystery guy.

Balqis then go through the crowd and then try to take a closer look at the piano player, as she being curious because only she and Eusoff knew the song, as he composed it as her birthday gift. Balqis started to cry, and to her surprise; it is Emmanuell Eusoff! Except that his hair is a bit longer compared to Eusoff’s and he have the pleasant smile around his nice trimmed beard that seems to make him such a perfect guy. The guy whom she beloved most with all her heart and soul, but it is merely impossible, because Emmanuell Eusoof was dead, even there was no tomb or body of him found, but the people believe that he was REAL dead, the same goes with her family.

She can still remember clearly when the television news reported about the tragic snow fall in Alaska, which involved her lover, Eusoff. Balqis then fainted out and slowly fell on the wooden floor. Falique who just back from the men’s as he got a bad stomach ache, get panic and rush to get her dear princess, and carry her home, while being watched by ‘Eusoff’ who seems shocked as the beautiful, nice, pale looking girl who passed out just now shout his name as Eusoff and eventually ask him to stop playing the song. “This is really an awe starting day of my first job! My final, real job..! Urgh, who was this chick, anyway? Do I know her? God, please give me some mercy!” shouted ‘Eusoff’ loudly in his heart.

Meanwhile, as they arrive at Balqis’s English fusion Asean designed bungalow, Falique carry Balqis just like a loving father who carefully carry his precious daughter. He carry Balqis and protect her with her strong, big hands and climbing upstairs towards her room, as Mek Jah, who is alone in the house that time, open the door for them As Falique put her down on her bed, Balqis still not awake, and thus Mek Jah ask Falique to get her a glass of clear, cold, drinking water which have been put in a glass jug at the corner table of Balqis’s room and recite some doa and selawat before sprinkle it on Balqis pale, exhausted face, and surprisingly, Balqis suddenly awake, and she looks aweful and pathetic, it seems that she have had such a terrible nightmare just now, yet still giving such a wonderful smile to Falique. Mek Jah then said to Falique that Balqis is already fine, and asking his permission to go downstairs and call Datin Sarah as well as cook some fine, warm plain porridge for her dear Balqis and politely asking for his help to look after Balqis while waiting for her stepmother, Datin Sarah to be home.

As soon as Mek Jah step out from the room, Balqis started to cry again and stares at him, as if she damn wanted to tell him something, some bad memory that is barely delete from her mind, a tragedy that seems to take away the cheers and sweet smile from her pretty, fair face. Then, he wipes out tears from Balqis’s rose pink cheek as gently as he could with his finger, and holds her hands firmly but gentle.

Balqis then try to get up from her bed and insist to ask Falique to send her back to the art gallery, but then when Falique ask her why, she would just silent her mouth, and helplessly hug Falique. He feels a bit shocked with sudden act of his lover as he never touched her before, except for her soft, beautiful crafted small fingers and hands. He then responds to Balqis and firmly cuddles her; deeply in the bottom of his heart he hardly wanted to say to Balqis that he would protect her from anything, just anything in this cruel world that could tear down her fragile heart, no matter what it takes. Without realized by him, warm tears running down his handsome face and for a moment the room is peaceful and quiet, only his and her heartbeat beat faster. His strong finger then crawling to Balqis’s head and touch her long, silky black hair and trying to feel her heart; trying to understand how does she feel without speak even a word to her. She then distances herself from Falique and asks him to go out from the bedroom and left her alone, as she needs some time to think; privately. Nodding weakly and smile to Balqis, he then laying a soft kiss on her wet, pale cheeks and tell her that he will wait outside her room until she fully recovered, then he shut the door gently.

Once again, Balqis hardly refrain herself from crying. She hates this, she hates the situation, and nevertheless, she hates Falique! Seriously, she hate the way Falique pampers her with all love affections, as it resembles of how her late, ex lover treat her because she could not bear to lose him, as much as she did not bear to lose Eusoff before. Slowly, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She would never able to forget the moment when she thinks that she finally found her Eusoff back. But, the question is, was the mysterious guy a real Eusoff of her, or would it be just her illusion toying with her feelings, as she deeply misses Eusoff. She had been missing Eusoff since they were broken apart, and then Eusoff went to Alaska for some sorts of business matters and without able to ask for his forgiveness, he already died, leaved her with her misery life alone. Balqis then is trying hard to remember the last day when she saw Emmanuell Eusoff, her lover went to Alaska from KLIA airport 3 years ago. Holding her tears, she deadly wanted to scream out his name and running after him, but it seems that she lost her voice, and she could only whispered helplessly by herself, and saying goodbye to him, before crying as much as she could on her way back home.

“I’m sorry Falique. I am in love with you, deeply, truly but still as Aunt Jasmin said, I am hardly deleting him from my memory. Just give me some time, please,” she whispers so quietly that nobody in the house would hear her. A few hours later, her stepmother; Datin Sarah arrives home, and rushing to her beloved step daughter’s room which located at the second floor of the house, and in front of the bedroom’s door she finds poor Falique lying sleepily on the cold floor, and suddenly awake as she greet him. Datin Sarah apologized to him as she had to trouble him for taking care of Balqis on her behalf, and furthermore, there was an unexpected accident in the city, and she was trapped in the heavy traffic jam, along with her young loyal driver; Firdaus.

Then, Datin Sarah knock the door, and before her is her loyal maid; Mek Jah who open the door for her, and politely invites them in, and ask them to be silent as Balqis was just fall asleep after have some nice, warm porridge with a cup of fresh milk. Datin Sarah step closer to Balqis who sleep peacefully, and gently kisses her forehead, and quietly ask Mek Jah and Falique what was actually happened? Falique tell her that they went together to the art gallery; Galeri Seni as she always wanted to meet her favourite painter there, and the last thing he knew was that she fainted out in front of crowds who watched a solo piano performance amusingly. Datin Sarah nodded her head weakly and holding Balqis’s hands firmly, while crying, as much as Balqis cried just now; Falique thought. Wondering, Falique try to open up his mouth and asking her what was actually happened, but his mouth feel like being glued by something or someone. His curiosity beats everything, as he deeply wanted to know what was the real reason that makes his precious lover become so sad and lost of words. Why did she cry so much, and who was that piano guy? And ironically, Datin Sarah looks as if she knew something. She indeed knew the real reason behind everything happened that afternoon, but just like Balqis, she would just keep quiet, refuse to say anything to him. Felt so troublesome and having kinds of headaches with all the unanswered questions floating around his brain, Falique ask permission politely from Datin Sarah to go downstairs and as granted, he straightly walk ahead to the beautiful garden courtyard and lit up his cigarette with a lighter.

After inhale deeply the tobacco flavor into his lungs, he exhales the smoke through his mouth, as if all the problems that intrigued him since this afternoon should be dispersed into air, just like the cigarette smoke. For a moment, he shut up his eyes closely and trying hardly to feels what was actually bother his beautiful princess’s mind and heart, and all he can feel is just some kind of strange feeling; no lust or passion, but mere true love. “Perhaps this is the answer. She needs love to treat her sickness of love, sorts of purest of pain. But, how?” said Falique to himself as soon as he open his gorgeous, dark big eyes and cover his beautiful face with his masculine hands.

A moment later, Mek Jah shouts out his name and ask him to go inside as Balqis’s mother have a word to discuss with him. He then follows the loyal maid downstairs to the reading room which once used by Balqis’s late father, Allahyarham Dato’ Tuan Khairuddin, and also a favourite hideout place to Balqis. Calmly, he knocks the door and step inside, there he find out that Datin Sarah, stepmother of Balqis was waiting for him, sit on the beautiful country roses designed fabric wing chair, and asking him to sit on the sofa across hers. Her face is dump and there is no smile painted at all on her red, small lips. Just like a schoolboy, he obeys her order and sit down on the sofa, and the room is suddenly quiet; there is only sounds of wind chime naughtily swayed by the soft, evening winds which hung by Balqis and her late father at the wooden windows pane.

Without any furthermore thinking, Datin Sarah stands up and heading to the finely crafted teak table in the room, carefully pulls out a drawer and taking out a thick, brown book. The book looks like kind of diary or something. Datin Sarah then sits again and held her breath for a while, as her hands hold the book which put on her laps. Trying hard to smile, she said to Falique, “My dear, I hopes you would sit back and relax while read this. This book, is indeed a precious book to your girl; Balqis. It is actually Balqis’s diary, where she scribbled every moment happened in her life; be it sweet or bad memories. I knew from the beginning, and I’m understood alright, that you’re madly in love with her, and it hurts you to see her in such situation. But still, it is hard for me to explain to you; besides it Balqis wishes that she asked me to keep it as a secret. Hmmm….anyway, inside this book, there is answers to all your questions, my son Falique,” said Datin@Aunt Sarah gently towards Falique who listens attentively to her words, while she gives he the book to read.

The next day, on the beautiful shiny morning, Balqis awake from her deep sleep, and as she open her eyes, the first person she see is no other than Falique Bin Muhammad Zachry who have been waiting by her side since last night, sleeping on his arms. Smiling, Balqis stroke her lover’s dark, soft hair gently, not to wake him up, before get up from her lovely teak bed and off to the toilet, to wash her face, brush teeth and brush her messy hair. In the mirror, she could see how terrible her look is, with those ugly dark circles beneath her eyes, added with pale cheeks and dried, chapped lips. Suddenly, Falique come through the door and hug her from her back, firmly as if he would never let her go; and then kisses her sweetly on her cheeks, before whispers to her that he never saw her as pretty as she is now; and he will always love her, no matter what happened, that nobody and nothing in this world could ever separate them both. Never! Shocked but enjoy his surprise act, she just let he hold her tight, and reply that she would also never allow anything, and asked him how did he ends up fall asleep in her bedroom. Smile awkwardly, he slowly let her go and hold her hands before kiss them and put them on his wide, muscled chest and said to her that Datin Sarah was the one who ask him to stay beside Balqis, till she wake up. Balqis then burst her laughing and playfully push Falique out from the bathroom, as she needs to take a warm, bubbly bath before having breakfast.

Afterwards, Balqis ask Falique to go and take a shower, as he smell slike a goat. Winking naughtily at him, she throws a clean white towel to him and getting ready for some hearty breakfast as she feels damn hungry; as if she did not take her dinner last night. Falique feels pretty mad at her, but still obeys her instruction, and thus taking a shower. As she is running downstairs, she jumps into Kak Hany; who just finished doing the laundry. Kak Hany, her beloved older cousin who works as a maid, as well as assistant to Mek Jah, lived at the bungalow house since she have been a college student, but there is a tragedy happened where cause her to pregnant out – of wedlock with her ex – boyfriend, and separated from her daughter, as she was taken care by her mother in the village. Gorgeous as she always be; she was being highly admired by Datin Sarah’s personal driver; Abg Firdaus, Datin Sarah’s personal assistant, Encik Khairul as well as Datin Sarah’s eldest son; Abang Amirul Syafiq. Kak Hany then ask her whether she is well enough, because she heard that Balqis fall sick once again yesterday, but Balqis just smile happily and said that she is fine indeed, and there is nothing to worry about. She then added that Kak Hany should not let a guy enter her room, and she never asks for accompany, moreover from a guy like Falique..! Kak Hany just said yes, and promises not to do it again, before left Balqis. At the dining room, there is Datin Sarah sitting alone at the end of the dark brown, mahogany meal table sipping the black coffee. The sweet, aromatic fragrance of the black coffee is so inspiring. Datin Sarah then asks Balqis to have a sit beside her, and ask Mek Jah to bring another cup and saucer. After Mek Jah pour the thick coffee into her beautiful porcelain cup, Balqis just remain silent, till Datin Sarah starts the conversation that morning. She asks whether Balqis have had a nice, deep sleep last night and she answers yes instantly. Her stepmother then asks another question of whether she had realized that someone have been so kind hearted and wait for her by her side. Falique who just running downstairs after taking his bath then greeting both of them before take a seat next to his beloved; Balqis and pouring down thick, black coffee from the porcelain pot into his cup. “Balqis, I think you should take a medical leave today, because you are not feeling really well, honey,” said Datin Sarah gently towards Balqis. But, remains a stubborn girl as usual, Balqis disagree to this,” Mama, I AM fine indeed, and you do not have to worry about me.”

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